Anko Products at Uwajimaya

Ready to try anko confectioneries? Your local Uwajimaya grocery store carries many options to choose from. Here are our recommendations.


This is perfect for those who are curious about daifuku after reading about it in Origami! Daifuku comes in several kinds such as simple shiro (white), sesame, mame (bean), etc. We suggest you try the shiro daifuku first to see if you like it, then explore the other variations.

Marukyo Meisaku (18 pc)

This is Origami’s favorite! It comes with 18 pieces of sweets including momoyama, kuri manju, and bite-size matcha and soba manju as well as nyuka. It is a bit pricey compared to others, but it’s also a perfect way to try out several confectioneries at once.

Maeda Tube de Tsubuan

Anko comes in a squeezable pouch; very convenient and easy to use! Add one or two tablespoons of anko on top of toast with butter or pancakes to give a Japanese twist to your breakfast. Don’t have time to make pancakes in the morning? Try it with yogurt. Believe us, it’s yummy!

Dorayaki (3pc)

Dorayaki is a Japanese confectionery that sandwiches azuki bean paste between two small pancakes. It is particularly famous among Japanese kids because it’s the favorite food of “Doraemon,” Japan’s beloved robotic cat manga character. We think kids will love this one.

Morinaga Oshiruko (4 packets)

Oshiruko is another way to enjoy azuki beans. It is somewhat similar to porridge, but made with azuki beans instead of rice. Like instant ramen, you can find “instant oshiruko.” Just add hot water and enjoy the traditional Japanese confectionery instantly.

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