KANJI-GATE: Fish Radical

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“Fish” Radical

When it comes to most aspects of the “fish” radical 魚, things are straightforward. This radical is on duty in only three Joyo kanji, including the autonomous 魚 kanji itself.

To understand the radical, we should start by looking at that character:


This 11-stroke shape is a pictograph of a “whole fish,” according to Henshall in his newer edition. So even though the four dots at the bottom look exactly like 灬, a variant of the “fire” radical, they instead represent a tail. That’s a relief; I would hate to think this fish was grilled from the get-go.

What Is the Japanese Name for the “Fish” Radical?

The 魚 kanji carries three Joyo readings: うお (uo), さかな (sakana), and ギョ (gyo). The first two matter here, as they pop up in the radical names.

That is, we can refer to the 魚 radical of the 魚 character as うお or as さかな. (Well, Nelson includes the さかな reading, but Kanjigen does not.)

When the radical shifts to the left side of a kanji—the -へん (-偏) side—the names うおへん and さかなへん become appropriate, as with these two kanji:


鮮 (fresh; vivid; skillful; Korea)

I often exercise with these fish. That is, they appear on a T-shirt that I wear for workouts. All 13 of these kanji feature the left-side 魚 radical, and all are regrettably non-Joyo, including the important character at the center:

鮨 (すし: sushi)


People more often render すし as 寿司, but neither character features a “fish” radical, so how satisfying is that?

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