Kanji for Doggies – Hazel

Ever wonder what your beloved pet’s name would look like in Chinese characters, or kanji? We pick one pet photo and render the pet’s name in kanji.

Hazel in Seattle

Hazel is a silly, playful dog. She thinks she is human and loves to be around her family as much as possible. She loves playing fetch or tug-of-war, sunbathing and tiptoeing in the lake to cool off. She is shameless and is adored by her family.

The meaning behind the brushstrokes:

榛 (hashibami)

The color hazel is called hashibami in Japanese. Many Japanese adore hazel eyes.

平 (hey)

This kanji means “fair.” It implies kindness and hopes for peace.

世 (ze)

This kanji means “world” or “promotion.” It is for someone who defines a generation.

瑠 (lu)

This kanji means “gem” or “exceptionally beautiful stone.”

Put these characters together and it means: One who is fair and kind to all, and acts for a peaceful world. She is beautiful and shines like a gem.

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