Japanese Home Cooking vol.2

This time, we introduce some unique Japanese food recipes ☺️ Enjoy!!!

1.Sakura mochi🌸 (桜餅)

Sakura mochi is a pink rice cake filled with Anko (red beans), wrapped in a salted cherry leaf.🌿 We usually enjoy eating it in spring; especially, on Hinamatsuri day (March 3rd every year). Hinamatsuri is one of the traditional days to pray for the growth and happiness of young girls🌸


2.Tsukune🍢 (つくね)

Tsukune is one of the famous Japanese dishes. It is similar to “meatloaf” in the U.S. but made with chicken🐓 or fish🐟 and egg. We grill them like yakitori, or put them in a pot and boil them. I personally like to eat baked ones! When I was in the U.S., I saw tsukune at a Japanese restaurant!! You may be able to find it in your city too😊


3.Fukagawameshi (深川めし)

This is a local dish from the Fukagawa area in Tokyo.🗼What unique about this meal is that the rice is cooked with clam broth instead of plain water, .🍚 Fukagawameshi originates from a meal for fishermen at work. This area used to be a sandbank where many short-neck clams were easily found. So fishermen started adding clams when cooking rice. This is how Fukagawa meshi was invented🍚

Japanese food has a lot of unique tastes and looks!!! Next time, we’ll share some local dish recipes ☺️

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Hana Fujiki was born in Fukuoka and grow up in Tokyo. Hana is a student intern. She studies global cultural exchange at a university which is in Tokyo and marketing at a College in WA for one year. Hana has established a Facebook group "Japanese Home Cooking" which shares Japanese food recipes last July. It has over 10K subscribers.