Japanese Home Cooking vol.1

Starting today, we introduce Japanese cooking recipes once a week!!! They are all easy recipes, so you can cook them at home🏠

1.Pickled cucumber🥒 (きゅうりの浅漬け)

Japanese love pickled cucumber. The pickled cucumber in Japan is different from that in America. It’s based with salt, sugar and a bit of soy sauce, so Japanese pickles are sweeter.😋  Cucumber can be substituted with radish and carrots.🥕 It goes well with beer and Japanese sake too.


2.Soba roll sushi 🍜(蕎麦巻き寿司)

Soba is one of the Japanese noodle dishes and it’s very healthy. We usually dip soba in the broth when we eat it, but this one is different. It has enough seasonings already so no need to dip it in a broth! Delicious!! This roll is made with soba instead of vinegar rice.  It is a unique way to enjoy soba even in Japan. This unique way of eating sobe has been practiced in Japan for generations.😋


3.Piman no Nikuzume (ピーマンの肉詰め)

Piman no Nikuzume is a fried green pepper stuffed with ground beef and pork. It’s seasoned with pepper, salt, and other seasonings🥩. While children usually do not care for green peppers because of its bitter taste, the stuffed green pepper is surprising minds and kids love this dish♡♡♡


These recipes are easy and delicious!! So please try it if you like ❤︎ Next time, we’ll share some unique taste and looks Japanese food recipes☺️

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Hana Fujiki was born in Fukuoka and grow up in Tokyo. Hana is a student intern. She studies global cultural exchange at a university which is in Tokyo and marketing at a College in WA for one year. Hana has established a Facebook group "Japanese Home Cooking" which shares Japanese food recipes last July. It has over 10K subscribers.