Japanese Culture & Cuisine Meetups

Our sister magazine, Origami has started holding a series of Meetups to introduce Japanese culture and cuisine to local Seattle people. We typically gather at an izakaya. The idea is to enjoy delicious food and drink while having a pleasant chat about Japan.

One Meetup focused on dashi, an important soup and cooking stock in Japanese cuisine. A chef showed the group how to make it. At the “Japanese Spicy” Meetup, we all tried and compared wasabi, spicy ramen, and other spicy treats that were prepared by the restaurant.

The photo here shows our recent Sake Meetup. We sampled a flight of three distinct sakes from Nihonsakari, a sake brewery in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. The company’s ambassador explained each sake, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

We will be holding a lot more Meetups. Check them out at www.qazjapan.com or on the Meetup app. Hope to see you at one!

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Ryosuke Komori was born and raised in Kyoto. The city's deep cultural heritage and centuries-old traditions helped shape him as a young man and still influence him today. As a college student, he and friends started an email magazine business called MaguMagu! The success of that business made Ryosuke realize he needed to tell more stories about Japan in new ways. That's how QAZJapan and Origami magazine were born. With QAZJapan, Ryosuke is taking his media skills to a whole new level! He hopes you dive into the site and enjoy.
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