Kanji for Kitties – Zen and Zoe

Ever wonder what your beloved pet’s name would look like in Chinese characters, or kanji? We pick one pet photo and render the pet’s name in kanji.

Zen and Zoe

Zen and Zoe are siblings, both four years old. Although they are related, their personalities are vastly different. Zen is very friendly to everyone he meets, always eager to make new friends. He would happily follow you around and play with you. Zoe, on the other hand, is very shy. She can get scared easily and hides when there are new people to meet. However, she is very sweet and loving, like her brother, once you get to know her. She exceeds in hunting, making sure no animals will eat the plants near her home. Zen and Zoe have lived their life together, never going far from each other. They live happily on a large property, having the freedom to run around and play with each other. On rainy days they have many places to stay warm and cozy, and feel loved by their owners.


The meaning behind the brushstrokes:

Originally, this kanji means, “the emperor enshrines the gods.” It signifies a person who clears his mind and concentrates.


Put these characters together and it means:
A cat who helps others clear their mind and restore mental balance.


The meaning behind the brushstrokes:

Good and honorable.

This kanji means something to wear.

Put these characters together and it means:
One who has acquired honorable ambition and done a good deed. Also, it implies a wish for her to become someone who brings peace.

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