Throw a Temaki Sushi Party at Home

Throw a Temaki Sushi Party at Home

Now that you’ve mastered the art of cooking rice Japanese style, it’s time to step up your game and host a temaki (handroll) sushi house party. The following paragraphs have everything you need to know to make delicious handrolled sushi.

First, you need to make sushi rice. Here’s how.

How to Make Sushi Rice


                                    Freshly cooked rice  700g (1.5lbs.)

                                    Rice vinegar  5 tablespoons

                                    Sugar              2 tablespoons

                                    Sea salt                      1.5 teaspoons


  1. Mix vinegar, sugar, and salt in a small bowl. (HOT TIP: If you don’t care for the smell of vinegar, boil the vinegar first and let it cool before mixing with other ingredients.)
  2. Put the freshly cooked rice in a large bowl. Pour the mixed ingredients over the rice.
  3. Mix it all together with a large spatula. Fold the rice, scraping the bottom of the bowl with a vertical cutting motion. When everything is mixed evenly, move the spatula horizontally to break up any lumps. It’s important to mix the rice quickly so that it begins to shine evenly with the vinegar coating.
  4. Spread the rice evenly on a cooking sheet or baking pan and let it cool. If you have a paper fan (or even a thin piece of cardboard), use it to cool down the rice.
  5. Once the rice has cooled to body temperature, use a spatula to fluff up the rice once more, allowing the excess moisture to escape. Now you are ready to make temaki sushi!

How to Make Temaki Handrolls

Spread the sushi rice over a 6×6 inch sheet of nori seaweed. Add your favorite ingredients and roll it all up. Voila! Temaki sushi!

You can add any ingredient you like to your handroll. Use sashimi for a traditional approach, or try a fried egg, steamed chicken, and ketchup for a yummy change of pace. If you’re vegetarian, avocado, cucumber, and tomato make a tasty combo.

For your party, put out a big bowl of sushi rice, nori sheets, and lots of ingredients. Then, show everyone how it is done and let them create their own temaki sushi. This is a crowd pleaser for both adults and children. If you throw a temaki sushi party, be sure to send photos to!

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