Tamagoyaki Pan by Nakamura Douki Seisakusho

If you like fluffy pancakes, this is your dream pan. Have you heard of tamagoyaki, a traditional Japanese treat? Eggs are mixed with umami-filled dashi broth and cooked into the shape of a rolled cake. Despite the liquid ingredients, tamagoyaki needs to be airy and fluffy. The Tamagoyaki Pan was developed solely for this purpose.

The pan is made of copper because tamagoyaki is cooked over low heat. Copper transmits the heat quickly and evenly, reducing the chances of unevenness or burning, which helps ensure that the tamagoyaki will turn out soft and fluffy. Nakamura Douki Seisakusho uses top-quality copper to make the pan.Unlike typical tin-plated copper pans, Nakamura’s Tamagoyaki Pan is coated with tin over heat layer by layer. The pan is also great for pancakes and can be used to cook anything a normal frying pan can cook.

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Nakamura Douki Seisakusho

3 Chome-19-15 Umeda, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0851, Japan


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