New Year’s Osechi Ryori

Osechi-ryori is a traditional Japanese food for the New Year. In Japan, many people take the first three days of the New Year off and spend time with their families and relatives. Each family prepares the Osechi before the New Year so the family members are free from cooking and can enjoy the foods together during the holidays. Osechi-ryori is beautifully arranged in an Ojyu box, a luxurious multi-tiered box that is similar to a bento box, and each tier is designated for a specific type of food.

The tradition originally started about 1,000 years ago. Each dish has a special meaning such as celebrating the New Year or warding off bad luck. Osechi-ryori uses the ingredients and the recipes with long shelf lives and is safe to eat at least for three days.

A beautifully decorated Osechi is preferred to celebrate the New Year. The image is the premium Osechi sold by Nadaman, a venerable high-end restaurant in Japan. It not only tastes excellent but also lightens up the dining table on the first few days of the New Year with its presentation. Nadaman’s Osechi can be ordered online in the end of the year (available only in Japan).

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