Japanese TV Shows You Should Watch – Midnight Diner

A Japanese TV show “Midnight Diner” is now streamed on Netflix in 190 countries. It is a hit series with 4 seasons and made a big screen movie in Japan.

“Midnight Diner” is centered around a small diner in a back-alley in downtown Tokyo. Run by a sage but quiet Master, the eatery is open from midnight to around 7am. The restaurant offers Japanese staple food and whatever the patrons desire. Each story starts with one featured customer requesting a plate that carries emotional weight to him or her. 

The brilliant performance by a diverse range of actors, soulful stories that bring a state of containment to the viewers, and the mouthwatering cooking scene are the few of the reasons Midnight Diner has become a big hit.

Source: Shogakukan / Shinya Shokudo Film Production Committee

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