Ultimate Yakitori Experience at Home

A yakitori restaurant Toriko has released a premium skewered chicken set, the “Veranding Yakitori,” on their e-commerce site. Toriko is a high-end Yakitori restaurant brand with multiple locations throughout Tokyo and New York.

Families can enjoy the supreme skewered chicken on their patio and balcony with the Veranding Yakitori. The set comes with an original yakitori grill, 5 different parts from high-quality chickens (2 skewers per each part), and seasoning carefully selected for each type of skewer. The grill with a sheathed heater was especially developed for home use in a joint effort between a manufacturer and Toriko. The Veranding Yakitori set also includes a jar of Toriko original charcoal-scented oil. For those who are not familiar with grilling yakitori, Toriko’s tutorial videos will show you how to grill each part of chicken. Their thorough preparation leaves nothing to be desired!

The concept of the Veranding Yakitori is to support poultry farms that have been impacted by COVID-19. The pandemic forced the restaurants to halt the business. As a result, their partnering farms have been left with a surplus of chickens.

Toriko’s set was released on June 1, 2020 and sold 1,000 sets in the first 8 days. It is available for a special discounted price of ¥5,500 (about $52) through June 30. We seriously hope the Veranding Yakitori becomes available in the U.S., too!

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