Astounding Quality Izakaya Wows Animal Crossing Users

Recently, the Animal Crossing users were surprised to find a high-quality izakaya in the game and the speculation is that the izakaya was designed by a non-Japanese gamer. A number of the Animal Crossing users commented with admiration, “It is just like a Japanese izakaya.”  “I want to have a drink there!” But why did they think that the izakaya was created by a non-Japanese user?


Here are the clues. Koi is in a tank. (Koi should not be kept in a small tank.) Menu on the wall says 300¥. (It should be ¥300.) You may think these are small things, but many felt something was off. The crucial evidence was a compressor unit of an air conditioner in the left side of the image. A compressor unit should be installed outside the building, not inside. 


Be that as it may, it is fun to create a foreign scenery solely based on your memory and imagination.

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Yasushi Kurita was born in Tokyo. He has spent the last 30 years as a writer for print publications and TV. When he was in college, he spent two years in New York. His favorite band is the Atlanta Rhythm Section, making him one of about 15 Japanese people who actually like that band.