Beppu Onsen Takes a Promotional Video to the Next Level

Hollywood quality computer graphics illustrate meteorites causing dynamic Earth impacts, raindrops traveling to an underground reservoir and gushing out to hot springs. You may think these scenes are from NOVA, but they are actually from a promotional video for Beppu Onsen (hot springs) in Kyushu.

The 7-minute-long “Beppu The Onsen Journey” was released on June 25, 2020. Narrated in English with Japanese subtitles, the video was especially directed overseas. Yuki Yusa, an honorary professor at Kyoto University, supervised the film which focused on the history of Earth and the wonders of nature. The movie also introduces how to enjoy onsen, the vibrant festivals, and the local cuisine. With state-of-the-art computer graphics and superb cinematography, it is not an exaggeration to say “Beppu The Onsen Journey” is a masterpiece.

The pandemic hit the travel industry hard on an unprecedented scale. Beppu Onsen is usually packed with tourists during the “Golden Week” (a series of national holidays from the end of April to May). However, there was practically no visitor this year. The video was created in order to stimulate tourist demand.

Although we may not be able to visit Beppu for a while, this beautiful video virtually takes us to Beppu Onsen and gives us a deeper understanding of the hot springs. I wish I could be there…!

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