Virtual Geisha Party for Anyone in the World

A new project by geishas at Hakone Hot Spring is attracting much attention. The online “Meet Geisha” event lets anyone in the world hang out with Hakone Geishas via Zoom.

As with all other tourist destinations in Japan, Hakone Hot Spring has been quiet since the outbreak of COVID-19. Hakone geishas have initiated the world’s first “online drinking with geisha” project to bring rays of sunshine amid the pandemic gloom.

The online geisha party is available from 8pm JST on every Friday and Saturday. Anyone in the world can join the event at ¥2,000 for 30 minutes (about $18.50). All you need is a computer or a smartphone with Zoom and whatever you want to eat or drink during the party. 

About 150 geishas are registered in the Hakone Yumoto Entertainment Union, but they have not been able to perform at all since April 2020. Normally, a geisha party would be very expensive, but the virtual event enables the young generation and people around the world to meet with geishas and enjoy their graceful performances. Find out the time difference between Japan and your country and set the alarm! 

The reservation can be made from their website:

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