A PURRSOME Battle Between a Man and a Cat Kicked Off Again

The Japanese government lifted the state of emergency and the country is moving to the next phase of reopening. Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima Prefecture too resumed its special exhibition. But for some people, it means more than just a museum reopening. Yes, the battle between a man and a cat has resumed after a two-month of peace. A black cat tries to break into the museum whenever the chance presents itself. A security guard tries to guard against the cat invasion. Who’s going to win?!

The adorable battles between the black cat, Ken-chan, and the security guard, Mr. Sadao Umayahara, became a tradition at the museum. The museum often tweets their encounters and many followers around the world look forward to the heartwarming images of two. 

Shortly after reopening, the museum tweeted their rematch. The followers instantly reacted to the tweet and commented, “I was so looking forward to seeing both of you!”, “They make me smile!” and “The security guard looks at Ken-chan with such gentle eyes.”

Ken-chan was first seen breaking into the museum at the museum’s special event “Catful Exhibit” in March 2017. Mr. Umayahara was the security guard at the entrance during the special exhibition. The images of their first seesaw battle went viral. 

Interestingly, Ken-chan only visits the museum when Mr. Umayahara is on duty. This time, Mr. Umayahara had a facemask on, but the feline intruder showed up without fail. The special exhibit “Hana no Oedo Life” (The Fantastic Edo Life) is extended to June 21, 2020. Their showdown continues. 

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