World Changing Instant Noodles

Let’s face it – we are staying home long enough. The longer we stay home, the more we eat. Eating all day while shelter-in-place is becoming a huge problem in Japan, too. In the midst of this overeating trend, ACECOOK, a major Japanese instant noodles company, released a brand new, much talked about “instant noodles without noodles.”

“Wakame Ramen” series is one of the top selling instant ramen of ACECOOK. The newest version is named “Wakame Ra_ _ _.” It is basically the same as “Wakame Ramen,” and the only difference is that “Wakame Ra_ _ _” comes with a large amount of wakame seaweed instead of noodles (in Japanese, “noodle” is called “men”). In short, it is wakame seaweed soup. The product is well received among people who count calories thanks to the hunger satisfying volume of wakame and a knack for naming.

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Yasushi Kurita was born in Tokyo. He has spent the last 30 years as a writer for print publications and TV. When he was in college, he spent two years in New York. His favorite band is the Atlanta Rhythm Section, making him one of about 15 Japanese people who actually like that band.