Uniqlo Releases AIRism Face Mask for Summer

The rainy season has officially started in Japan. Summer will be here before you know it; the temperature rises over 100°F,  the humidity records near 100% and you are at risk of heat stroke if you stay outside. It is literally difficult to breathe. 

Additionally, the government now recommends people wearing protective coverings in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wearing face masks on hot summer days will most likely result in more cases of heatstroke than usual. 

Just in time for summer, a Japanese apparel brand Uniqlo is releasing “AIRism” face masks on June 19, 2020 at their online shop and retail locations in Japan. 

“AIRism” is a Uniqlo’s original fabric that diffuses moisture, dries instantly, stays cool to touch, and eliminates odor. AIRism clothes and underwear are especially popular in summer.

The AIRism face mask is made with three different textiles; mesh cloth, high performance filter, and AIRism. The outer mesh fabric offers UV protection and the filter screens out 99% of bacteria and virus.  One package of three AIRism face masks will be sold for ¥990 (about $9.20) and available in small, medium and large sizes. 

Social media users are hugely excited about the release but worried if they can buy the mask at all. Uniqlo will place a limit on face masks purchase to ensure more customers can buy the masks. Well, I should try to order the masks online for my parents in Japan.

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