Musou Black – The World’s Blackest Paint

Koyo Orient Japan, Co. Ltd. released a world’s blackest water-based acrylic paint, “Musou Black.” “Musou” means “unparalleled” or “the one and only” in Japanese. The word is often used for a game title to depict the overwhelming existence. 

Musou Black successfully achieved an impressive light reflectance rate of 0.8%. In other words, the paint absorbs 99% of light. That is practically pitch-black! For your information, the light absorption performance rate of a typical acrylic black paint is around 2% to 6%.

Koyo Orient Japan developed this ultra-low light reflecting paint especially for crafts and plastic models. The artworks painted with Musou Black demonstrate blackness you have never seen before. With a black background, the painted surface is virtually invisible.

A 100ml bottle of Musou Black is available at ¥2,500 (about $23), but often runs out of stock on Amazon. Those who are lucky enough to get the ultra anti-reflective paint have shared their works with a hashtag #musoublack (#黒色無双) on Twitter and Instagram. Find out how black Musou Black is!

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