Must-Have for Summer – Chilled Mask?

As June approaches, our sense of dread is growing. Summer. Summer in Japan is extremely hot and humid, but this year we will continue to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus. How hot will it be? Would it be unbearably uncomfortable on a hot summer day? Well, this unique facial cover could be a lifesaver.

When you travel to Japan, you will notice the beverage vending machines literally everywhere in the country. Interestingly, in Yamagata Prefecture, “Chilled Masks” are sold right next to drinks in a vending machine. One mask cost you ¥690 and a set of 5 filter refills are available for ¥500. Insert your money, and your chilled mask in a cold bottle drops down to the compartment at the bottom. You will return the empty bottle in a collection bin next to the vending machine.

Knit Wise, an apparel company in Yamagata, developed this unique mask. The company sells about 500 masks per day now. Yamagata is famous for its “Chilled Culture” such as Chilled Ramen and Chilled Shampoo. “Chilled Mask” may be the latest addition to their “Chilled Culture.”


Sakurada: Zen Chef

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