Karaage Certified as Japanese Space Food At Last

Ryosuke Komori

DIVER | Kyoto

Ryosuke is a publisher who has been based in Seattle. He was born in Kyoto.

“Karaage-kun” may travel into outer space in the near future. On June 10, 2020, a Japanese convenience store LAWSON’s deep fried chicken, Karaage-kun, was certified as a Japanese space food by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). This is the first time a convenience store’s  original food was certified by JAXA. “Space Karaage-kun” will accompany Japanese astronauts on future missions.

LAWSON embarked on the development of Space Karaage-kun 3 years ago in response to astronauts’ wish to enjoy meat dishes in space. Space Karaage-kun is about a half of the size of the regular Karaage-kun and freeze dried for a longer shelf life. It can be stored for a year and a half and consumed right out of the package. The company is hoping that the astronauts would savor the taste of Japanese food while staying in space. 


In space-related news, a Japanese astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, is set to travel to space for the first fully operational SpaceX’s Crew Dragon mission. With SpaceX’s successful launch of a test flight on May 30, Crew-1 is expected to launch in the end of August 2020.


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