Necchu School Hosts Open House

Come check out what continuing education at Seattle Necchu School has to offer in a free open house on Sunday, December 1. Two teachers will offer classes for prospective and current Necchu students. All are welcome! Classes are taught in Japanese. Please see the URL for more details.


Venue: BCA 2 Campus
Address: 14640 NE 24th St, Bellevue
Date/Time: Sunday, December 1, 2019 1pm–4pm Registration required
No registration fee

Akio Inomata (“Matagi,” traditional hunter)

Maco & Munjuru (Okinawa Ryukyu Music)

What Students Say about Necchu

“All the lectures were exciting, and I always looked forward to them. Learning from professionals in particular elds satis es my intellectual curiosity and energizes my soul.” — MALE STUDENT


“I think this program is such a success. My favorite class was an interactive lecture where the students created a school song. The lecture by Ms. Mina Miller gave me deep knowledge through music. I was really moved. I hope the connections born at Necchu School continue to grow.” — FEMALE STUDENT


“I did not have any idea what Necchu School was about before I attended the classes. I was encour- aged by all the wonderful lecturers from different professions, which were totally different from my own eld. I feel all of them sincerely love what they do. They shared their positive energy with the students in the class. I liked app developer Ma-chan’s class the best. She has accomplished so much, but I don’t think she feels that way. Her abundant curiosity and single-minded search brought her where she is now. I was so happy to hear her say, ‘Your life starts at 60!’ The rst phase of Necchu School scored a perfect 100!” — FEMALE STUDENT


“What a surprise. I have been pursuing my dream for a long time and now I found another outlet for my curiosity. I am able to gain knowledge and make connections with Japan and the world in Seattle. Such a wonderful opportunity! I also made new friends at Necchu School.” — MALE STUDENT

Location & Contact Information

Seattle Necchu School

BCA 2 Campus
14640 NE 24th St, Bellevue


Yoroshiku East

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