Delta Links Seattle & Kansai

Bruce Rutledge

Bruce is the editor-in-chief based in Seatle

Delta Links Seattle & Kansai

Delta Air Lines and Korean Air brought Kansai a little closer this April with a new daily direct flight from Seatac to Kansai International Airport. Kansai is an important economic engine and cultural hub of Japan, being home to Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto cities.

We rode the inaugural flight to Osaka, joining in the preflight festivities as Delta staff passed out slices of cake and sandwiches at the gate after a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Inside the Boeing 767-300ER, we experienced the mostly smooth flight in the spacious Delta Comfort+ seats. The 767-300ER has 25 flat-bed seats in Delta One, 29 seats with extra legroom in Comfort+, and 171 more seats in the main cabin.

Everyone was in a festive spirit as the plane took off. Power ports at every seat made it easy to work on the 10.5-hour flight. Wifi is available for a fee. The plane takes off daily around noon and lands around 4pm the following day in Osaka, which, at least for this traveler, minimized the jet lag. The daily return flights leave in the late afternoon and arrive in Seattle on the morning of the same day.

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