Animal Crossing’s Bank of Nook Lowers Interest Rate

Ryosuke Komori

DIVER | Kyoto

Ryosuke is a publisher who has been based in Seattle. He was born in Kyoto.

Animal Crossing’s Bank of Nook Lowers Interest Rate 

Cities all over the world are on coronavirus lockdown. People are staying home and naturally many of us end up playing games more often.  


Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizon, the latest game of the “Animal Crossing” series, is one of the popular games during the weeks of lockdown. It is a peaceful game in which players live with animals on a deserted island.  Social distancing may restrict you from your daily activities, but you can virtually communicate with your friends in Animal Crossing, which may reduce the stress from self-quarantine.  


However, Animal Crossing’s latest update took many users by surprise; Bank of Nook lowered the interest rate out of the blue! The news spread in the twinkling of an eye and brought an outburst of angry comments toward Tom Nook, a fictional character and the owner of the bank in the game, on SNS.  The update was intended to defer players to use time-travel exploits to gain interest payments quickly.  Already under constant stress from mandatory lockdown, the users took it out on Tom Nook.


Play happy! 


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